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About us

Minascent, with its marketing&sales company Minascent Technologies GmbH and its manufacturing company Minascent Leuna Production GmbH, is a manufacturer of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In several c-GMP and non-GMP production units with varying reactor sizes (ranging from 100 liter to above 10 m³), chemical processes for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients but also fine chemicals with similar quality requirements for other markets, such as cosmetics, crude oil processing, animal feed, automotive and many more can be established flexibly and adapted to the needs of the customer. We can support our customers throughout the whole process of laboratory development, testing at pilot scale, production of initial quantities, all the way to full production scale. This includes also the development and validation of analytical methods and support on regulatory aspects.

Minascent core activities:

  • Manufacturing of APIs at small and large scale
  • Custom manufacturing of key intermediates
  • Synthesis of starting materials and building blocks
  • Dedicated, FDA inspected facilities capable of running both cGMP and non-GMP processes
  • Process development at lab, pilot and production scale
  • Development of analytical methods and regulatory stewardship


Minascent Technologies GmbH / Minascent Leuna Production GmbH
Am Haupttor, Gebäude 4208
D-06237 Leuna

Telefon: +49 3461 43 4535
Telefax: +49 3461 43 4868
E-Mail: minascent-leuna[aet]
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