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About us

The custom manufacturing from piloting up to commercial large ton quantities is the core business of the private-owned  ProChem GmbH with sites in Dieburg, Bensheim (both Hessen) and Oberthal (Saarland). The portfolio of services includes synthesis, distillation, (spray) drying, mixing, milling, sieving, compacting, pastillation, extrusion and packaging. The spectrum of customers ranges from the chemical and cosmetic to the pharmaceutical industry – not only the “big players” but also the small innovators, who need a partner for the up-scaling.

At ProChem you get all the mentioned services out of one hand. That means, you don´t need separate partners for a) synthesis, b) spray drying and c) packaging, but you simply order the final product in the desired packaging. You can also just order one simple service like “packaging from bigbags to 20 kg bags.

Apart from the broad range of services, a large portfolio of technologies for each service characterizes ProChem. That means, we don´t have just one type of mill, but pin pills, air jet mills, sieving mills … and wet ball mills. Furthermore we´ve got these devices in different sizes, so that we have for all kinds of materials and all quantities from several hundreds of kilograms up to more than 1000 tons per year the adequate and cost-efficient equipment. The synthesis reactors have volumes from 540 liters up to 20 cubic meters. Up-scaling trials we perform in small glass reactors.

The ProChem GmbH with its currently around 145 employees works for over 21 years exclusively in the “business-to-business” model  for customers in the fields of additives (for pigments, plastics, rubber, etc.), catalysts, nano materials, flavoring agents, food additives, cosmetic ingredients, pharma precursors, construction materials, release agents and other specialty chemicals. ProChem does not produce any own products and will therefore never be a competitor to its customers.


ProChem GmbH
Dr. Christian Steidl
Head of Marketing & Sales
Industriestraße 19-21
64807 Dieburg

fon.: +49 6071 / 88148 – 150
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