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About us

The WeylChem Group, via its subsidiary Allessa, is one of the major European contract manufacturers of organic compounds and polymers. We produce intermediates and active ingredients for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, ligands, electronics, pigments, dyes and many other applications.

We carry out multi-stage custom syntheses from pilot scale up to several hundred tons per year in modern multi-purpose plants in Frankfurt-Fechenheim and Frankfurt-Höchst, applying a wide range of technologies including, for example, low-temperature and high-pressure reactions as well as reactions with organometallic compounds. All operations are subject to the highest safety standards and benefit from an efficient infrastructure with view to energy, wastewater treatment, operational safety etc.

Allessa produces according to ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 15001, as well as under the cosmetics CMP standard in selected plants. We also adhere to the ECFG / CEFIC Voluntary Guidelines.


WeylChem International GmbH
Alt-Fechenheim 34
D-60386 Frankfurt am Main
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